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{Stay} Nazi!Germany x Reader ch.5

Ch.5- You're here!!!

Hallo again my lovelies I love you all sho much~ :iconglompplz:

After being force fed again by the (h/c) girl, Gilbert had shut up and slowly dozed off into a slumber. ____ put the plate in the sink before turning the faucet on and starting to clean all of the dishes from earlier. She smiled softly and hummed to herself while doing so, not knowing she had a pair of eletric blue eyes on her back. Her volume started to rise as she continued to sink, now singing the lyrics beautifully as if no one was in the small kitchen with her. The song rolled off the tip of her tongue perfectly, simply no one could sing as well as she in French. 

"J'ai descendu dans mon jardin~
J'ai descendu das mon jardin~
Pour y cueillir du romarin

Gentil coqu'licot mesdames
Gentil coqu'licot nouveau,
Gentil coqu'licot mesdames
Gentil coqu'licot nouveau"

____'s eyes cut back at the German, to find him gazing at her in a dumbfounded way. She lightly laughed at this and returned to the dishes, drying them, and putting them in their rightful places. Taking a short breath, she continued her song, this time in english so he'd understand:

"To gather some rosemary
To gather some rosemary~,
I hadn't picked three springs..!

Nice poppy, ladies
Nice new poppy,
Nice poppy ladies
Nice new poppy!"

By this time, ____ had put down the rag and dish in hand, and began to spin while singing:

"I hadn't picked three springs
I hadn't pick three springs~,
When a nightingale landed on my hand~

Nice poppy, ladies
Nice new poppy,
Nice poppy, ladies
Nice new poppy!

When a nightingale landed on my hand~
When a nightingale landed on my hand~
It told me three words in Latin..

Nice poppy, ladies
Nice new poppy,
Nice poppy, ladies
Nice new poppy!"

____ might have gone a little too far with with the song, for now she crawled over the table the German laid on and straddled his waist before laying her chin on his chest as it rose and fell quickly. Luwig's face grew hotter every long second her body laid atop his. After repeating the chorus once more, she crawled higher on him, leaning her head down to his, he could smell the crepe's on her breath as she song again in a whisper:

"It told me three words in Latin..
It told me three words in Latin..

That men..

Nice poppy, ladies
Nice new poppy,
Nice poppy, ladies
Nice new poppy..

That men are worthless~
That men are worthless~


She'd stopped singing and glared at him slightly before gripping him by the collar, she nipped his ear painfully before whispering in his ear the last verse, though she altered it a little. He shuddered slightly in her, yet another, mood swing and her hot breath tickling her ear:

"..And Nazi's are worth even less."

She cooed into his ear softly before nuzzling his neck and hopping off of the poor German. He let out a dissatisfied whimper as she did, earning himself a glare. She shut her eyes with a 'hmph' and went back to cleaning the dishes. Such a nice person.

Ludwig glared at the back of her head, a light pink still grazing his cheeks, "Last time I help you.. What are you, Bipolar or some--" He was cut off by someone clearing their throat in the doorway. It was Francis. Had she known he was standing there from the beginning? He took a soft swallow before looking back towards the (e/c)ed girl and then back to her brother.

"No, she just knows better than to love a loathed enemy." He spat at him before joining his sister at the dishes. Or did she? ____ bit her lip softly, sighing in relief that her brother believed her whole scene there. She looked down at her  reflection in the water. 'Have I fallen for a loathed enemy..? Surely not.. But..' She glanced back at the handsome man tied to the table. He was staring back at her with the same hopeless face. 'Could he feel the same way about me..? What am I talking about!' She gritted her teeth and smacked at her reflection in the water, causing water to go everywhere, she even hit a sharp knife in the water cutting her hand badly with it. She whimpered softly at the pain in her hand and went to the cupboard for something to wrap it up with. She finally got it taken care of and helped her brother clean up the dish water in the floor. Earning a look of disaproval from him, "What's bugging you ____...?" She shook her head for nothing and stood while dusting her dress off.

"It's nothing.. Don't worry.." He stood as well and kissed the top of her head.

"You do know you can tell me anything.. Right, mon cher..?" She nodded and closed her eyes, "Good.." Francis glared at the German, seeing his eyes trail south on his little sister's body. A hint of want in the intense stare. He growled softly and pulled her closer, "Is there a problem, what's your name..? Ludwig..?" The German scoffed softly and looked away, he shook his head with a large blush on his face. He couldn't believe himself, he'd been staring at the woman's ass.. and her brother had to yell it to the world! Gah! He pierced his lip softly before looking back at her backside, this time, making sure that her brother wasn't watching. Gosh, he felt like a pervert.. Like his brother! But this wasn't him.. So why was he acting like this for this woman in particular..? He blushed more as the skirt of her dress rose from her brother wrapping his arm around her waist. The dress was short enough, maybe if he'd lean a little.. He'd be able to see-- 

"Ehem." His glanced back up at the two, to see them both staring at him. Francis gritted his teeth slightly while ____ turned a bright pink, trying her best to tug her dress down a little. He looked the opposite way from both of them, his face crimson red. It was true... He really was acting like his brother... And now there was no way to deny it.

...So embarrassing...


The song is Gentil Coqu'licot. It's just a nursery rhyme..

hoped you liked this chapter!! ^^
free7evens Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
please make more! this is awesome like prussia!
AlmightyGilbird Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Student General Artist
T-Thank you.. TnT :iconhappytearsplz:
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